Armed with their own unique superpowers and an unstinting passion for seaweed, our five superheroes set off, determined to spread the joys and benefits of this delicious treat all over the world.
Curious about our caped crusaders? Here’s what they’re up to.
Captain Seaweed and his team gathered at their base on Umami Bed for a special mission.
Captain Seaweed
Wise and courageous, Captain Seaweed has gathered a team of like-minded heroes to share seaweed with the world. While they operate out of their secret base in Umami Bed, most of the time, each team member is out and about
Laver Boy
Energetic, attention-grabbing yet passionate about his crispy seaweed, this youngest member of the team is always raring to go, whatever the mission
Lady Alga
Kind and generous, Lady Alga’s personal mission is to comfort those in need and restore their health with her secret weapon – seaweed soups.
Kelp Man
The athletic Kelp Man is always on the go, seasoning the world with healthier alternatives like Furikake and Seaweed Gomashio, so there’s no excuse for bland food ever again.
Wakame Girl
Wakame Girl shows off her creative flair with seaweed as decorative, edible art – making sure each dish looks just as good as it tastes.